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In 2014, Patrick started his own company as he was tired of long lectures and consultants who spend more time on slideshows and monologues than real, practical and exciting training. The company started under the name Sales4Winners, and later changed name to Sackner Consulting.


Fluent in Danish, Swedish and English. 

High Performance Lovers

Our global network of great people from top companies till startups as well as professionals athletes will always make sure that we have the finger on the pulse. Something you can benefit of. 


We have started the journey as we believe many people and companies can develop and grow even more as well as improve the High Performance behavior.

Love To Explore

We believe in the search of understanding each other – as well as explore who you are, the company, and people in general.  

Take It Step-By-Step

We start with A before we go to B. And we play on the way as we believe fun and competition creates a better environment for learning

Keep It Simple

We talk the language that is needed in the eye height of the people we talk with. Using words no one understands doesn’t make you better than others – but the opposite. 

Your Dream. Our Mission.

I Believe In Engagement, Motivation And Dedication

When looking at top performing individuals one thing always seems to be “the shining star” and that is their motivation (drive). We have done many interviews and questionnaires to what separates them (the high performers) and many ends up talking about their dedication. But when we ask people around them, motivation and drive are the words there is used – never words like the knowledge, background etc.  

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We improve, we help, we achieve and we push together