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How can you create even more success than you already have today. Our goal is to provoke and challenge you and your attitudes to what you should expect from sales, management and service and also what you can do yourself, but also a little thought about whether you and many others act irrationally and / or emotionally in situations , where you think the opposite is happening. GOOD, let’s get started…

Basics in High Performance culture

Some of the basic things that we see and experience in companies with high performance culture are that employees:

How to generate more success

In sports, many seems to be good at coaching and as well as giving feedback, and we can with advantage look for a performance culture in sports. We have worked with several sports clubs and athletes where the best understands that development takes place through good and constructive feedback, joy and not least collaboration (also in individual sports). 

Creating a high performance culture is first and foremost about; a desire to understand, ask questions and give  appreciative feedback.

Motivation creates better ROI

The Journal of Business Ethics recently had a paper, backed up by five studies, showed employee motivation is 17 to 33 percent higher when profit is not the primary concern. 

We will give all what we can

Our Strongest sides

We have the support of some of the strongest and well-educated people to help us to be in front within people development, psychology and high performance. We strive to be the best and ready to share it with you. 

Personal Growth
High Performance
Behavior: Economic & personal

Tailor-Made development for you

Customised plans with you

When we collaborate with you, we will sit down with the involved people in the project and figure out together what will be the best suited plan for you. Where are you today, where do you want to go and what is the needs for doing that. 

Strong results

We create strong results through motivation and coaching. We are good at operationalise the strategy, and able to strengthen the motivation and job satisfaction in the team we work with.

an investment that you are sure can pay off

Engagement >

It should be top of mind for every organisation to focus on and work with the engagement and motivation  of employees at all levels as it is proven that motivated employees tend to find more creative and good solutions, more open for changes and much more. Reported in the State of the American Workplace report, only 33% of U.S. employees in 2016 were engaged, 51% were not engaged and 16% were actively disengaged.

While it demands a lot of energy and challenges working with the engagement and motivation, companies that overcome the task realise there is a lot of great benefits. 

As employee

As an employee it is important to remember that it is up to you to create the frame for your own motivation. 

As leader

As a leader you have an important and also very challenging role to make the worklife of others engaging and fun as well as making sure results are made. 

We create you stronger

what can we do for you?

Price Strategy

By using techniques based on academic research in psychology and economics, we can facilitate your price communication and describe what it should entail, why it works, and how to apply it.


Leadership development

Trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, results. You will be working with emotional intelligence, high performance and psychology to improve your leadership skills.

Talent Development

Find your drive, your goals, your focus and be the talent you are. We can facilitate your development and describe what you do good and what you should do more of to succeed even more.

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