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high performers

Shall it be you in 2021

Training that focus on you


career process

100% focus on you

We focus on making you more aware of yourselves, your role, your strengths, your future.

Creation process

We co-create ideas

We use knowledge and inspiration to create more and new ideas that suit you and your path.


Build the foundation

We create the foundation, work with goals, behavior, your personal brand and much more.

Bring Out The Talent And Stand Stronger For The Future

Most athletes work every single day to plan, prioritize, seek inspiration, and set goals. The goals are most often used for evaluations and feedback, so that they more easily know what they can and must do to become even better.

We focus on soft-skills

We know that everything is connected. We know that our thoughts are crucial to the quality of our lives, our health, our well-being. We know that we can build our immune system only through the power of thought. We know we can build even better relationships. We know we can learn to use stress constructively. It’s all about meaning and mastery.

Our focus with training in High Performance is therefore about creating meaning for you and your role – and your future.

We believe that you need to find your drive, your goals and your focus. Once you have that in place, you need to find out more about your strengths and limitations, in order to be able to create better communication and perform better. Once the two cornerstones are in place, we can continue to work with you as a talent in your specific field. That’s why we also start preparing you before the training.


Body language is very important for the experience of you as a person. The more attentive we are to our body language the greater the chance of success.

Your task is to watch Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk and write down the 3 most important points for you.

The world is constantly changing and COVID19 has only promoted the changes. The world is on an exciting journey and new ways of thinking and working are being promoted. The last preparation you need to do is read this article and watch the movie on 22min on this link.

You will before the second time we meet get a link via your e-mail to fill in questionaries about you and how you tend to act and behave in your work-life. It’s important that you focus on how you “are” when at work and that you answer the questions with out thinking too much. It is a personality assessment and there are no such thing as right and wrong answers. 

what footprint do you leave?

Overview of the suggested training

The days will be changed based on the discussions that take place

High Performance Traning

We believe that you must have the desire to develop and be aware of your abilities, goals and frameworks before moving on till the next steps (step 1). Therefor, we will advice you and your team to start the development journey with Your Talent. We will then continue working with your strengths and limitations, by using Everything DiSC and other assessment tools. This will create the foundation to understand your own  and your colleagues behaviour to improve your communication and collaboration skills (step 2). With these two steps in order, we can start working with High Performance Behavior and Teams (with the use of fundamentals from The Five Behaviors) (step 3). Finally, to make sure that the ROI are high, we offer follow ups such as  1 on 1 coaching with Sackner and an additional workshop with the team to ensure maximized learning.  (step 4)

Step 1

Your Talent
    • Top performance patterns
    • Control
    • Motivation and drive
    • Goal & Mental Plan
      • Short – medium – long
    • Talent
    • Feedback

Step 2

    • What are your behavioral preferences?
    • How do you create the best dialogue with x, y, z?
    • Your body language
      • Amy Cuddy
    • The ultimate test presentation
    • Competition

Step 3

    • What is your role?
    • Your priorities 
    • Five Behaviors (creating a high performance team)
    • Time management
    • What’s most important to the company – Department / Store – team – you

Step 4

Follow ups
    1. 1-1 coaching Employee >< Sackner
    2. Team follow up (workshop)
    3. 1-1 coaching Employee >< Sackner
    4. 1-1 coaching: leader >< Sackner

Why we work with High Performance

We Create Enthusiasm, Meaning And Results

Presented in the report; State of the American Workplace, only 33% of employees were engaged in their work. That is why we must act differently.

Employee motivation is 17 to 33 percent higher when profit is not the primary focus. Goals can be achieved in many ways, it’s a matter of how you do it.

23 percent feel burned out OFTEN or always, because of their work. By open dialogue through trust and a strong community, we can do something about it.

93 percent are more committed when you as an employee experience a high degree of meaning in your working life. Therefore, our days are about creating meaning for you and for your future.

Talent must be cultivated to master

To achieve success at your level as a talent, Motivation is 80%, skills 10% and knowledge 10%. It is about what you do with the skills and knowledge you acquire and it is the motivation that will create meaning, results, etc. which you must find and cultivate.

It's your responsibility

You have laid the foundations of your mental contract. Now it’s about getting a plan laid out for you to achieve the goals you want – and find out who is going to help and how.

Changes in one’s behavior can happen right away, but often it requires training and a lot of it. So get started now and continue to seek knowledge and inspiration.

After end training

When the training days have come to an end, your goal and mental plan must be completed.

Within 14 days after the last traning sessions, please send to patrick@sackner.org an email in which you write at least 500 words, based on your learning, how you will ensure to implement High Performance in your daily life. When this is received, your diploma “High Performer – inspirator” will be sent.

“I truly believe in Motivation" Dedication" Fun"

My Skills
Communication 100%
High Performance Growth 100%
Personal Development 100%


Thank you for taking time reading about me. Let me know if you have any questions or wishes you like to discuss. 

Here is a little about me: 

I am today living in Bunkeflostrand, Sweden. I am living here with my wife, Jenny Sackner Christensen who is a former elite horse rider – together we have two beautiful sons Charles & Cedric.

The last 15 years I have been working with people development within high performance attitude and believe that great results come through dedication, motivation and fun. In 2014 I started my own company Sales4Winners, later Sackner Consulting and while doing so I also started to work more independently with sports.

I have been a Professional Head Coach in swimming for 6 years with the responsibility of 1200 members. In that time we developed some of the best swimmers in Denmark and most talented people in Europe. Among others Josefine Kruse, former Danish National Junior record holder and Alexander Aslak Nørgaard who is Danish National Record holder, Finalist at the Worlds 2019 and Qualified for the Olympics. 


Academic educations

    • Studying Executive MBA at Quantic, Washington DC
    • Certificate in International Strategy – London South Bank University
    • Master in Professional Communication – RUC
    • Diploma in Leadership & Management – CPH Business
    • AU Leadership Excellence- CPH Business
    • Diploma in Sports via DIF, NOC and Sports Confederation of Denmark


    • 15FQ+ (five factor tool) 
    • ICF Sports Coach
    • ICF Business Coach
    • Everything DiSC Partner/Pro
    • Five Behavior – Get started
    • AdaptGRT
    • Body language and micro expression 
    • Systemic coach
    • NLP Practitioner 
    • Rescue diver PADI
    • Extended first aid

As an athlete 

I have been on the youth and junior national team in swimming, international medals in triathlon (youth groups), part of a patrol unit in the National Guard, licensed bikerider and trained Muay Thai just to mentioned some of it.


Telefon: +45 60 20 93 35
Email: patrick@sackner.org