Jenny Sackner Christensen

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My Skills
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Thank you for taking time reading about me. Let me know if you have any questions or wishes you like to discuss. 

Here is a little about me: 

I am today living in Bunkeflostrand, Sweden. I am living here with my husband, Patrick Sackner Christensen who is a former elite swimmer – together we have two beautiful sons Charles & Cedric.



Academic educations

    • Master of Science (MSc), Management of Innovation & Business Development, Copenhagen Business School
    • Bachelor in Business Administration and Management, Copenhagen Business School
    • Diploma, Leadership & Coaching, Uppsala University
    • Diploma, Leadership & Communication, Uppsala University


    • Pricing 
    • Economic Behavior
    • Project leader

As an athlete 

I have competed and trained horses on top-level for many years. My best result is a top 5 at the Swedish Junior Championship. I have trained and developed some of the best of the best horses – as for example Zacramento who have been competing at the worlds. 


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