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Because I love leading, Developing & working with people and have a deep passion for developing businesses through people.

Patrick Sackner Christensen

People & Business Growth Expert

People Growth expert


2020 - Present

Co-founder/People Growth Director, Mindcap

Creating a platform to create more meaningful everyday actions in worklife. Supporting both Individuals, HR and Leaders.

+ Established a network of HR professionals
+ Developing a psychometric tool within the solution
+ Responsibility for Mindcap Academy
+ Hired and onboarded 10 new people to the Academy


Owner, Sackner

In 2014, I started my own company. My vision was to disrupt the consultant industry with no long lectures and time spend on slideshows and monologues instead of real, practical, and exciting training. Today all focus is on People & Business Growth: Stronger Culture, Happier Employees, Better Performance.

+ 50 lectures
+ 200 workshops
+ Customers who are world-leading within their field


Senior HR Consultant/ Head of Sales, DISCnordic

(Covid did that to all employees incl. I had to leave) I did lectures, certifications and acted as an HR consultant in both Danish, Swedish, and English.

+ Leadership development for top leading Internationally companies
+ Certified in Everthing DiSC (partner), 15FQ+, Adapt GRT and Five Behavior


Head of Client Relations, Nordea

I was heading an experienced team working with global financial institutions and large corporations. Clients from top 20 at Fortune 500. Besides being a leader, my role was to challenges the way of working, training the employees and leaders in the four Nordic countries as well as in Poland. Achievements: + P&L responsibility + Selected to join a talent manager program + Selected as a culture ambassador + Nordic backup for my manager + Moving tasks to our team in Poland

About Me

🎯 Creating results and motivate people 🙏🏼 Believe in people growth 🏊🏼‍♂️ Working with High Performance Behavior People & Business growth expert with +15 years of experience, both as leader, coach & consultant with great success. Supporting Leaders, creating High Performance Culture, leadership & Talent development working with both big global brands as well as small startups I can contribute to the future development and setup within the People & Culture area. Known as motivational, very ambitious, and with a high drive. As a former Elite swimmer, I have learned the importance of having the right mindset, focus, and team around you as well as having fun.

Academic Education


Executive MBA, Quantic School of Business & Technology


Master in Professional Communication, RUC


Diploma in Sports


Bsc Leadership & Management, CPH Business


    • 15FQ+ (Big Five tool) 
    • Five Behavior – Get started
    • AdaptGRT
    • Everything DiSC+Partner
    • NLP Practitioner
    • Body Language & Micro expressions 
    • Project Management
    • Business Coaching  


Leadership & Culture 100%
Learning & Development 100%
Recruitment 85%
Employer Branding 95%
Coaching 100%
Change 100%
Communication 100%



1 +
1 +
Coaching sessions
1 +
1 +
People trained

Sami Lehvilä

Leadership Colleague, Nordea

Have you ever considered of hiring an athlete (or former) and what benefits/personal elements they have to succeed in a job? Determination, dedication, energy, motivation, high stress-endurance are just few elements to mention that you usually recognize very quickly in a former athlete. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Patrick in the same management team for over a year and find it valuable how his drive and determination is almost contagious making everyone else around him to increase their own speed to achieve things. When working with Patrick you can’t avoid the “high fives” and then again that just tells you that yet another success has been achieved.

Frederikke Søgaard

Talent, HR ALDI

I had two very exciting and educational days with Patrick on his High performer course. He is a great communicator who caught our attention from the start. It was great with many different activities during the day, where we got to use various useful tools.

Janni Andersen

Colleague, DISCnordic

I have had the honor of Patrick as a great colleague in my employment at DISCnordic. He has a winning nature and a wonderful drive, which is contagious to his surroundings. He is caring and always ready for sparring when you need it. I have always felt professionally in good hands as he is extremely competent and gives his sincere opinion when asked for it. Patrick is a focused and empathetic team player that his workplace greatly enjoys.

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