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Patrick Sackner Christensen

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“I truly believe in Motivation" Dedication" Fun"

My Skills
Communication 100%
High Performance Growth 100%
Personal Development 100%


Thank you for taking time reading about me. Let me know if you have any questions or wishes you like to discuss. 

Here is a little about me: 

I am today living in Bunkeflostrand, Sweden. I am living here with my wife, Jenny Sackner Christensen who is a former elite horse rider – together we have two beautiful sons Charles & Cedric.

The last 15 years I have been working with people development within high performance attitude and believe that great results come through dedication, motivation and fun. In 2014 I started my own company Sales4Winners, later Sackner Consulting and while doing so I also started to work more independently with sports.

I have been a Professional Head Coach in swimming for 6 years with the responsibility of 1200 members. In that time we developed some of the best swimmers in Denmark and most talented people in Europe. Among others Josefine Kruse, former Danish National Junior record holder and Alexander Aslak Nørgaard who is Danish National Record holder, Finalist at the Worlds 2019 and Qualified for the Olympics. 


Academic educations

    • Studying Executive MBA at Quantic, Washington DC
    • Certificate in International Strategy – London South Bank University
    • Master in Professional Communication – RUC
    • Diploma in Leadership & Management – CPH Business
    • AU Leadership Excellence- CPH Business
    • Diploma in Sports via DIF, NOC and Sports Confederation of Denmark


    • 15FQ+ (five factor tool) 
    • ICF Sports Coach
    • ICF Business Coach
    • Everything DiSC Partner/Pro
    • Five Behavior – Get started
    • AdaptGRT
    • Body language and micro expression 
    • Systemic coach
    • NLP Practitioner 
    • Rescue diver PADI
    • Extended first aid

As an athlete 

I have been on the youth and junior national team in swimming, international medals in triathlon (youth groups), part of a patrol unit in the National Guard, licensed bikerider and trained Muay Thai just to mentioned some of it.

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